4 Benefits of Using an MSP:

An MSP as a proactive solution.

When an MSP operates effectively, it will help to prevent technical issues before they happen. It constantly monitors IT elements like hardware, applications, security, technology trends, and the internet and can notify you (if desired) when there’s an issue. The MSP may recommend a series of upgrades to your technology to boost productivity. Ultimately, you’re paying an MSP to keep stopping issues before they happen.

An MSP as a hardware provider.

MSPs can provide all the technology for your business, such as workstations, laptops, servers, and software. A model typically referred to as HAAR (Hardware as a Service) While this service can be expensive, it means you move all of your capital expenditures to operational expenditures for the technology, allowing your business to focus its capital in other areas, which is always beneficial.

An MSP as a tech expert.

f a business uses one computer person for all things IT, chances are they’re going to develop a certain myopia. Technology is too vast to be an expert in all areas. They may be good at troubleshooting Microsoft Word, but what happens when your router stops functioning? In contrast, MSPs usually have multiple staff with skills in a variety of IT functions. You can hire one person for $60K-$80K per year or you can have an entire staff through an MSP for typically 25% less. This typically means you get way more for substantially less.

An MSP as a business continuity provider.

Business owners often ponder how they would go about restoring all their systems and data in the event of a disaster? This is an area where an MSP can help you tremendously. A good MSP will create redundancy where it makes sense and an efficient disaster recovery plan that will help you sleep at night. These days, this is extremely important as cybersecurity risks continue to become more prevalent.