7 Tips for Reducing Technology Downtime

Technology downtime is a major source of revenue loss in the business world. Here are seven ways to reduce the risk of downtime and ensure that your business is prepared for any digital emergency.  

1. Have a Disaster Recovery Plan: Making sure that there is a plan in place to remain in operation and have the company’s data protected is crucial for a business to sustain itself in times of unexpected loss of data. A Disaster Recovery Plan should include an executable series of procedures that the organization will undertake when the main data center fails. EPK can help you draft one.  

2. Update Hardware/Software: Outdated hardware/software is vulnerable to cyber-attacks and viruses. Make sure that you keep up with the tracking of new software versions and upgrade any hardware/software needed for your systems before any issues arise. EPK Solutions can make this something you don’t even need to think about. Find out how. 

3. Invest in Cyber Liability Insurance: Cyber Liability Insurance coverage helps protect your company from losses stemming from data breaches, stolen data, technical malfunctions, and other issues. Most programs include a Rapid Incident Response Team that if you’re in trouble, they can help your business quickly respond to a large variety of cyber related issues. These teams can shrink the impact of any incident that might occur. We can assist you and guide you through the process of right sizing a policy that’s a fit for your business. Reach out to us and let us help.  

4. Utilize Backup Systems: Having an automatic system to back up your data is essential for any business. It helps guarantee the security of your company’s data in case of an emergency situation. Don’t forget to include both on-premise systems and cloud services, including both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Don’t wonder if you’re covered, Let EPK Solutions ensure your data is backed up and secure. 

5. Install Firewalls and Encryption: Using firewalls and encryption can protect your data from being accessed without authorization. This is an important mistake for any business to avoid, as the loss of data can cause major disruptions in workflow. It’s completely unnecessary. You may have a firewall or be using encryption already, but are you sure your firewall is properly configured?  We’re ready to help you decipher your end-to-end data access policies to make sure you’re safe.  

6. Educate Employees on Cyber Security: Training and workshops for your employees on cyber security is another key step in protecting your data. Creating human firewalls within your company will raise their awareness of common cyber threats and tactics and will help prevent any malicious activities that affect downtime. EPK Solutions has great programs to help with this. Just reach out for more information. 

7. Hire an IT Professional: Having a professional IT services provider like EPK Solutions managing your systems and data is the best way to minimize the risk of downtime. As skilled IT professionals, we will be able to provide you with comprehensive solutions for any issues you may encounter. 

If your business has suffered from technology downtime, make sure to reach out to EPK Solutions today. With our experienced IT professionals, EPK Solutions can customize a plan that fits your business’s needs in order to reduce your risk of further downtime. Contact EPK Solutions today to start protecting your data and your business. 

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