MFA All The Way

Everywhere we turn, we’re being asked to authenticate. It’s all for the sake of security. We’ve probably gotten used to using it for things like banking initially and Amazon accounts, and then using it for accessing email and seemingly just about everything else related to anywhere we have an account. Such is the state of the world we live in today. Everybody wants our information and our credentials. This is the new criminal playground. Microsoft recently added another layer to Multi-Factor Authentication called Number Matching.

Number Matching Looks Like This:

MFA, Multifactor Authentication

Here’s an article from Microsoft that explains in more detail what’s going on and how it works. The main thing to know is that the rules are constantly changing and evolving. In order to keep criminals out of your house, constantly changing the locks is an excellent way to guarantee they never get the keys. – Multi-Factor authentication –

It’s a slightly more technical article but, the most important thing to understand is that behind the scenes the security landscape is changing so fast that Microsoft and other providers are evolving constantly and adding additional layers of protection for us. If your business hasn’t started your MFA journey yet, let’s evaluate your business needs together and we’ll determine where MFA is appropriate for your business.