Text Messaging as a Service for Your Business 

Text messaging (SMS) is an incredibly powerful, yet underutilized tool for effectively engaging current customers. Think of appt reminders for Chiropractors, Dentists, Doctors, Auto Dealerships, or any Service Industry. Through SMS, businesses can create personalized messages to those who opt-in to their mailing lists, helping to develop a strong customer relationship. This kind of direct marketing has been incredibly successful for businesses both large and small, and it can help you rapidly corner a desired demographic.  

The statistics for using SMS to communicate with customers looks like this: 99% is the average open rate for test messages sent, 89% is the percentage who have their smartphone easily accessible, 45% is the average response rate to text messaging. With no monthly contracts, no need for integration with your current communication system, and no maximums on the number of SMS messages sent, how can you ignore this valuable channel to communicate with your prospects & customers? 

In addition, using SMS, you can confirm existing appointments, increase people’s interest in your products or services, inform them about promotions and discounts, give them special offers, and even ask them for feedback. Plus, SMS doesn’t require any hefty upfront investment, and it increases customer engagement (talk to your customers using the medium that they’re most comfortable with.)  

*****Bonus Fact: SMS doesn’t require customers to give up their personal information, making them more comfortable with the information being shared.  

In today’s business environment, it’s important to have effective SMS communications in place. If you’ve always wanted to have SMS communications for your business but you’re not sure what to do, contact EPK-Solutions today to find out how to maximize the use of SMS for your business. 

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